The Whitening Solution Treatment


Step 1:Exfoliation

1. Remove dead skin cells.

Improve skin tone, texture, and absorption of cosmetics.


2. Convenient and non-iritating.

Can be used as facial wash + facial pack + and exfoliator at once. Natural derived ingredient + minimized scrub particles makes it non-irritating .



Step 2: Preconditioning Ointment

1. Strong whitening effect.

Restrain formation of melanin cells which affect your skin tone.



2. Skin tone improvement.

Perfect combination of moisturizing and whitening.




Step 3: Equipment Treatment R-360

Ray therapy on your entire body for 10 minutes for better absortion.

Cell alarming function: It activates sleeping cells, which improves your skin to be healthy and tight. Improves cell metabolism The Product’s Active components are rapidly delivered, which aids in fatigue recovery and relaxation of muscles. Decreases activity of melanin cells: Improves your skin to be bright and transparent.



Step 4: Post Conditioning Ointment

Take out slightly lesser amount than preconditioning ointment and apply thinly over your skin for better absorption.

1. Strong whitening effect.

Melanin cell weakening substance. Also, it increases retaining strength.



2. Skin Protection.

Skin relaxation and protection .